Thursday, June 2, 2011

Tell us your stories.....


  1. Bill,
    I'm so sorry for what happened to you and your family. I hope justice will prevail. I anticipate viewing the documentary.

  2. When do you anticipate the documentary to come out?

  3. Our part of the documentary is still unfolding as we continue with the legal issues in probate. So with all that we have been receiving and continue to discover it may be multiple documentaries. We hope to have something this year.

  4. There are stories across the nation and worldwide of scams that affect so many good people. This is my story about my Mother/Father-In-Law (now deceased). First, I want to tell you about the rare, but wonderful relationship I had with Grandma and Baba (as we lovingly called him). Baba was one of the first words out of my son, Bill's mouth when he tried to say Grandpa. That name will live in him always. Grandma and Baba were my mentors, teachers, and support group when I was trying to raise two great boys, basically on my own, due to an absentee husband. Baba was their father figure and their hero. Baba taught me so many things, a few being - car maintenance, basic plumbing, and how to work with a few tools. I do things today that Grandma taught me - cooking, hanging wallpaper, interior painting, and being healthy with proper vitamins and supplements. They loved me so much. You never would have guessed I was an in-law. I loved these people dearly and what happened to them is a travesty. She suffered from this scam as much as Baba, even though she left us before he did. Baba was extremely vulnerable to this type of activity, especially because of his terminal cancer illness. So, I say to children and grandchildren, stay involved in the lives of your parents/grandparents. And where you feel appropriate, check out their new friends and those who get involved in their lives too soon after the death. Let's put a stop to this. Sincerely, Mazie Francis Breen

    1. How can we put a stop too this when the law is not on our side