Jacob is afraid and for good reason. His whole life he has swindled people and he has gotten away with it. For example, he stole his brother’s blessing in collaboration with his mother (Genesis 27), and he deceived his uncle, Laban, out of his flocks (Genesis 30:25-43). It is no wonder that his name means, trickster. That he is. Genesis 32 is an important chapter for Jacob, because he is finally forced to deal with his past dealing with his brother, Esau. In other words, his sins are catching up to him.

The study of Jacob has brought us to the Doctrine of the con-artist.
Both Jacob and his Uncle Laban are the type of individuals who are masters at saying one thing but meaning another. Be careful of the con artists, they are the type of individuals who are masters at saying one thing but meaning another.
We need to note some principles concerning the con-artist.
For example;
All of us at some time or another are going to bump into a Jacob or Laban in this life, MAT 26:47-49, And while He was still speaking, behold, Judas, one of the twelve, came up, accompanied by a great multitude with swords and clubs, from the chief priests and elders of the people. Now he who was betraying Him gave them a sign, saying, "Whomever I shall kiss, He is the one; seize Him." And immediately he went to Jesus and said, "Hail, Rabbi!" and kissed Him.
Of all of the different types of people that it would be nice to avoid, the Jacob's and the uncle Laban's are on top. They can be people with a pleasing personality, sometimes they have an attractive way about them, they can even give the impression of being great believers or great spiritual leaders or successful at what they do. But they can be described as personality peddlers, they are con-artists. And you haven't lived until you've been taken in by one. And if it could happen to The Lord Jesus Christ, as it did in MAT 26:47-49, it can happen to us.
Being people smart is no defense against the con artists of his life. In Gen 12 and 20, the Pharaoh of Egypt and King Abimelech of Gerah were both people smart and they were deceived and conned by Abraham. So, being people smart is no defense against the con-artists of this life. Neither of course is spiritual maturity, spiritual maturity is no defense against the con-artists of this life for David was one of the greatest believers of all time and in the state of spiritual maturity he was conned by certain individuals as well. In 2Sa 13, David's elder son by Ahinoam of Jezreel, raped his step sister Tamar, the daughter of David by Maacah.